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About Paradigm Time

Are you concerned about the future and what lies ahead for ourselves and the next generations? Do you worry about the rapid environmental degradation that is occurring globally? With the world at a crossroads, the decisions being made by adults today will have a profound effect on our children's tomorrow.

Paradigm Time, Two Tales of the Future, depicts very different views of the years ahead for us. In the first tale, Resource Wars, ecological and economic disasters have brought great changes to people's lives. Severe weather conditions and collapsed food production have placed extreme pressure on uncontrolled expanding populations. In tale two, Resolution Days, the world has finally faced the challenges of education, economy, and environment. A new way forward has been forged that now benefits all people, all cultures, and all of life's creations.

So, what does the future hold for us and our children? We still have time to make the changes that will create that better world but the clock is ticking. Paradigm Time is a call to action before it is too late and before we have too many regrets. There are two paths to take, which one will we choose?

About the author

In his many years of living on the planet, Will Gibson has always advocated for enlightened and forward thinking public policy. His concern in today's world about continuing social inequality, increasing economic disparity, and rapidly occurring environmental degradation is a major motivation for his writing.

Gibson has submitted winning flash fiction stories in contests over the years and his poems were included in the premier edition of the Monterey Poetry Review. He has spent the last seven years in writing, editing, and publishing his first novel about the possible consequences of climate change in the future.

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